Friday, April 20, 2007

Earth Day

This Sunday, April 22nd, is Earth Day. March 22nd was Water Day. I must find out when Air Day and Fire Day will be... And I wonder if there is a "fifth element"day...
Jokes apart, these "this" and "that" days are useful at least to remind the media to discuss their respective themes.
This Sunday, then, let's stop for a few minutes and meditate about what we can do to keep all the menaces the scientists are predicting from becoming real. I want for my grandchildren a better world that the one I knew, and for this I must do my part for turning the table. No more pollution, deforestation, acid rain, global warming. I hope I'll still see the rivers of my city, the Tietê and the Pinheiros, if not crystal clear (I think they never were), at least usable and with fish.
I hopt to see our streets full of trees, the Atlantic Forest growing, Amazonia reforested, our smiling, beautiful fields with more flowers with more flowers, our woods with more life... *
In summary, Happy Earth Day for all!

(* - these is a translation of verses from the Brazilian National Anthem...)

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