Sunday, June 17, 2007

June 17th

Today is Father's Day in the USA and in many other countries (in Brazil, Father's Day is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday in August).
I believe every father feels, like I do, that time went by too fast and that, no matter how hard I tried to participate in my children's lives, I failed to do much of what I would like to have done together with them. Parents must work, the hours they spend with their children are never enough; when we notice, they're not children anymore, and only them we remember everything we planned to do and never did. That's why we want grandchildren so much: as grandparents, we have lots of time to play, talk or just watch our grandchildren - and on this era of digital cameras, no pictures are enough!
The reason for this reflection is that today for me is the day of one son in special, because Victor celebrates his 30th birthday. It was a short time ago that he was that blue-eyed, angel-face baby;

and right after that, the boy that went with his mom to his brother's music lesson and suddenly revealed himself as the family's musical talent. And the graduation, the wedding, the move to the US, the news that I'll be a grandfather again: all this happened so fast, 1977 was just yesterday...
And in just another moment he well be a father too, and he will live all the happiness and all the worries that every father lives. Becaus this may be another era, another generation, another millennium, but fathers and sons will always be fathers and sons.

Happy Birthday, Victor!


Kerri said...

A very happy birthday to your son, Victor! How lovely to have a pianist in your family. All 3 of our children and myself took piano lessons, but none of us were diligent enough to become accomplished. It takes a lot of hard work. Congratulations to your son for having the ambition to do it.
Thanks for sharing the video. He's very talented.
Happy Father's Day to you and your son :) It's in September in Australia, and after I moved here I always had trouble remembering that date.

Susie said...

Thank you for visiting me and your kind wishes! Happy Birthday to your son, Victor!!
Hope you had a wonderful Father's Day!

kenju said...

Geraldo, thank you so much for the visit to my blog; I look forward to reading about your kite-flying award.

A belated happy birthday to Victor, a beautiful baby and a talented piano player!

KMF said...

happy birthday to your son and have a nice day