Saturday, January 06, 2007


Guilherme was baptized today, in the little chapel of the Order of Malta in the church of Our Lady of Brazil.

The whole family was there, filling this beautiful place for such an important event. The photo of the actual baptism is missing for now, because there were so many people taking pictures at the time that I only took one, and it was blurred (due to the emotion?). But sombody else at least registered in my camera the happiness of the parents and grandparents:

Afterwards, we gathered at dad and mom's place to celebrate. Godparents Victor and Ju were all smiles, and nobody else had a chance. It's understandable, they had to enjoy, since they're returning to NY soon. They didn't let Gui go even when it was time for the picture with the parents and the other uncles...

And the person of the day behaved perfectly, very elegant in his special attire for this day, also a gift from his grandparents:

Guilherme, God bless you!

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