Friday, December 08, 2006

Guilherme, day 1

Hi! Let me tell you what happened to me today, it was unbelievable!
I woke up early, in my nice dark place as usual, but I had a feeling that this would be a different day. I tried some kicks for exercise and to wake mom up (I wonder what she looks like), and soon I heard singing. From the talk I found out that it was Preta's birthday - I haven't met her yet, but from her name I picture her as a very dark little thing.

Then I felt we were going on a ride by car. But the shakes and turns indicated a destination different than the usual ones. We arrived at a place they said was "Pro-Matre". Nice name, this must be an interesting place.

We waited and waited, and in the meantime I heard grandpa Roberto, grandma Marisa and aunt Uli arrive, and later grandpa Geraldo and grandma Walkiria (I wonder what they look like). These people talk a lot! But I like to hear their voices! Then they came and took mom and me. Funny, we were not walking, we were moving but I was laying down, what could this be? Dad came with us, I could hear his voice. But not my grandpas and grandmas, and auntie, later I discovered that they were there, waiting.
I was a little scared, many different voices, somebody is doing something very close to me, hey, somebody grabbed me, they're pulling me out, mom, don't let they do it! What a bright light, what a loud noise, what is this? They cut the cord that brought my food, I'll be hungry! Buaaaaahhh!!!
I heard somebody saying it was 4:55 PM. I don't remember well what happened next, everything was so quick and confusing. They touched me, turned me around, put me in a strange thing and the lady said I weighed 4.510 kg. Everybody was surprised. All I know is I saw mom, she is beautiful as I imagined. And dad, a huge smile. Does he always wear these funny clothes? The lady gave me to him, now I feel safe. She pushed a button and an opaque window became transparent. High tech! On the other side, there were many people looking at me, who are they? They took pictures, I felt like a celebrity.

Oh, it's hard to be a celebrity... The lady pressed the button again and the magic window went opaque again. Then she picked me up from dad's lap and took me to a place where there were many babies, I think it's some kind of club. But she didn't leave me with them, she put me in another room where other people watched me.
A long time passed. I'm hungry, aren't they going to feed me? Another lady got me, hooray, she's taking me to the club. She put me on a table and is rubbing my head with something soft, warm and wet. I see, she's cleaning me! But what is this, water? I'm going to drown, I'm scared!

I'm glad it's over... She dried me, now I smell good. She touched my head and feet with something cold, then made some signs with her hands to the people who were watching, they're the same that were by the magic window. She said 52.5 cm, everybody was surprised. And I think I'm going to some party, she dressed me in a gala suit!

Now she's carrying me again. What a beautiful place, those babies pictures... And look at this door, all the little animals. Wow, it's got my name on it!

We're in. Somebody picks me up. Wait a minute, this smell, this voice I know. It's mom! Mom, please don't leave me, I want to be with you! I'm hungry!!! Yes, dad, help me!

Mmm, it's good to eat! Now I'm satisfied and I can examine better everything there is in here. Now I know who those people were. They're my grandpas and grandmas, and also uncle Fabrício! Aunt Uli has left, I think, and I heard uncle Wawá was here also...

Too bad I can't eat sweets, look how tasty! And the nice boxes are for my visitors, grandma Walkiria made them!

Whew! I think this was the hardest day in my life! It's hard to be a person! But I found how good it is to be part of a Family! I love mine!

Now I'm going to sleep, excuse me. And I'll dream those dreams that only babies dream, and then they smile... Good night!

It's good to be born a Four time champ!

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