Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

I don't care much for celebrating the passage of the New Year. For me it's just another day that passed, and nothing will be different on the next day just because there is a new calendar on the wall. And I haven't met anybody who became richer, found a new love, got rid of bad fluids or anything else that supposedly would be a result of performing one of the many rituals of passing the New Year. Do you remember the expectation for the turning of the millennium (which, by the way, was celebrated twice) ? Everybody had hopes that the year 2000, then 2001, would be a turning point, that the third millennium would bring the enlightenment of mankind, would bring Peace. However, these first years of the millennium were the worst in many decades...
But I recognize that this general engagement around the countdown to midnight is good to remind us to make our annual balances. What were the losses and what were the gains this year? What are our strategic plans for next year? What needs work in ourselves and in our relationships with others? What should we keep, improve, discard, modify, replace? And, on a higher plan, what do we wish for the world, not just ours, but the world of our children and grandchildren? And what can we and must we do to make this world concrete? Instead of jumping waves, eating grapes, dressing in white, etc, I propose we make better use of our time thinking about what we owe to the world and how we can pay this debt...
The only thing I don't give up is the champagne, after all, I'm only human!

Happy 2007 to all!

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