Friday, February 23, 2007

Grandpa's games - points of view 2

Since many people liked the game (although few risked answering), here is the second edition. This time they're easier (I hope). You know the rules: these are pictures of common objects: the person who gives the first right answer for each photo gets one point. Let's play!
Update: I've provided the answers - just click on each photo to see them.


Anna said...

OK, let me try...
hand on a clock, a keyhole, the vent/speakers from a tv, ?, piano key, ?

I will try to figure out some more and come back

:) How did I do?

Geraldo said...


You got the clock hands and the piano key right!
Thanks for visiting and keep trying!

dharmabum said...

the clock and the piano were the only ones i cud guess too. the rest, well, i took a peek ;o)