Thursday, February 01, 2007

Grandpa's trunk - things from my desk

My desk came from my father's house, many years ago. An uncle once told me it had belonged to Galeão Coutinho*, but I can't confirm that. Today it is used as a computer desk, but when I learned to write even ball pens were novelties, and for the first years I used fountain pens. That required the use of blotting paper, and since I'm left-handed, this was an absolute requirement for me. For those who don't know what blotting paper is, I leave the description to Mário Prata.

I never used the old style pens. The fountain pens on the picture are my father's Parker 51 and the 21 he gave me. I must find someone who can fix them, if it's worth it. As for the ink, one of these days I asked at the stationery store in my neighborhood if they had any fountain pen ink and they showed me the only one they had, Chinese, of course...

The likable "dromedary" was another indispensable object on any work desk. Before stick glue, even before white glue, what was used for closing envelopes and for any other paper gluing needs was gum arabic (I wonder if that's why the glass is shaped like a camel). I know it still can be found, since it is used for crafts, besides many other uses, even in the food industry.

Today these objects are curiosities, things from grandpa's trunk.
It seemed that writing was becoming old-fashioned, at least writing correctly, as a habit, for pleasure. Fortunately, blogs are beginning to make people relearn the pleasures of reading and writing. I, as a novice in this field, already spend a long time browsing blogs of common people whose talent for writing was revealed by this 21st century hobby.

* Brazilian write: complete name - Salisbury Galeão Coutinho - 1895/1945, died in an airplane crash. Works: Memórias de Simão, o caolho; O último dos Morungabas

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